XJT pilots unite with CJC and PNCL pilots against punitive sick policy


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Jan 31, 2004
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ExpressJet’s MEC Chairman, Capt. **********, released the following statement, outlining the XJT MEC’s commitment to support Colgan pilots as they work to change their company’s sick and fatigue policies.

ExpressJet Pilots Support Colgan Pilots in Effort to Fight Punitive Sick, Fatigue Call Policies

HOUSTON, TEXAS--In response to the article by The Buffalo News (Colgan pilots say many felt pressure to work while ill, Sept. 6, 2009), ExpressJet pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Intl. (ALPA), lend their full support to their fellow Colgan pilots. The time is now for Colgan and Pinnacle management to re-examine their policies on sick calls and fatigue.

ExpressJet pilots, through the union’s safety committee, have been successful working with ExpressJet management to include fatigue events under their ASAP program, a non-punitive program designed to enhance airline safety. They have also been successful in including doctor’s notes, meaning that sick calls are also treated as non-discipline events.

“We feel safety is of the utmost importance and flying tired or sick does not make sense, says Capt. Chris Cashmareck, chairman of the ALPA unit for ExpressJet pilots. “We have made progress with our management regarding sick calls and fatigue, and although there are still improvements that can be made, we hope that our approach will show other airline managements that safety should never be compromised for discipline. Pilots are not the problem – they should be part of the solution. We will work with our fellow brothers and sisters at Colgan as they demand new policies for sick calls and fatigue that don’t unfairly penalize pilots and hinder improvements in safety.”

ALPA represents nearly 53,500 pilots at 36 airlines in the United States and Canada, including the roughly 2,700 pilots at ExpressJet. There are currently 347 pilots on furlough from ExpressJet. Visit the ALPA website at alpa.org.


Thank you and fly safely.

In Unity,

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Dec 20, 2001
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First time I ever had anyone puke in the flight deck (including my CFI daze) was when I was an RJ CA. (insert witty comment about regional pay here). Guy was afraid to call in sick so I called in sick for him and he ended up going to the ER and getting on an IV.

It was probably my flying though.


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Dec 12, 2001
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How about some informational picketing in EWR, IAH, DTW and MSP? That ought to get some more publicity than a statement.


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Nov 25, 2001
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the funny part about this...allegedly, Pinnacle's sick policy is from CAL/XJT, CJC is the same as Pinnacle with the name change.

I am NOT advocating the draconian policy, but 9E mgmt uses the policy as attendance, not sick. Thus, they don't care WHY you were unable to come to work, just you were not at work. The old policies were loosely based on being sick or not medically qualified.

I am all for it for other groups trying to convince the change, good luck with the argument when they stick by attendance as the issue.