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:eek:MMmmmmm, nope.

After all, they did IN FACT get the gear down and locked.

Think the G100 is enroute to Oregon right about now?

Never seen a Legacy do that before. Our landing gear is the toughest out there and our gear doors are much simpler. They always work. LOL!

Just kidding GV guys. Bravo to the crew. Glad they got down without incident.
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I know just a little about G-Strings ... One thing I do know is that Savanah customer support is outstanding! On every G-String I've ever flown there's a placcard in front of the captain that reads: "CUSTOMER SUPORT (800) XXX-XXXX 24/7" ... or words to that effect.

Good on that crew for getting things all inline. Our industry doesn't need any more negative publicity.


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