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Wow, this board is cookin'

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I'm Q

Nov 25, 2001
I log on several times a day and find many new postings. It's great and well attended. In that case, why have only 92 of us ($2300 divided by an assumed $25 donation) sent in funds?

For all of you who log on and read or post and haven't sent in a donation DO IT!!!!

I would really like to see this board survive and most of you reading this post would also.

Thanks, Q
I sent in my $25 just yesterday, by snail mail. I'll probably make captain before I use plastic again....

I encourage everyone to dig deep and keep this going.
It is smoking because all of us pilot's are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. Those not working for a job and those of us working because it is this or honey-do's. At least this way we look like we are working. I bid a line this month and it only has 25 block hours on it. Our guarente is 70 hours but at this rate I will be out on the street with the rest.
Yes, I to am getting paid guarantee - at regional rates. I used to get nearly 100 hours per month. I refuse to pick up open time while guys are furloughed. Also, I'm married to a furloughed pilot. I still managed to send in $25. It's bad all over but info from this board can make it better (gouge, who's employing, etc.) for you and they're not trying to make money off you like AEPS.

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