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World pilots have cajones

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Well-known member
Nov 16, 2002
Updated: 11:55 AM EST
World Air Pilots Reject Labor Contract
PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. (AP) - World Air Holdings Inc., parent of World Airways, on Monday said its unionized pilots rejected a three-year contract proposal, the second rejection in as many years.
World Air said the proposed deal included a one-time signing bonus, annual pay increases over three years and profit sharing. Chief Operating Officer Charlie McDonald called the contract "a fair and equitable offer to bring a long negotiation process to conclusion."
A spokesman for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters representing the pilots was unavailable for immediate comment. World Airways said it has asked the National Mediation Board to release it from mediation.
The two sides have been in talks for more than two years, since the contract came up for negotiation in June 2003. The pilots rejected the company's first offer in March 2004.
Shares of World Air Holdings dropped 67 cents, or 5.8 percent, to $10.90 in midday trading on the Nasdaq. Over the past year, the stock has traded between a low of $5.37 and a 52-week high of $13.89.

11/14/05 11:53 EST

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Can someone give us some background? How does management's offer compare with the pilots' position? How big was management's proposed signing bonus and would it require a certain amount of longevity to qualify?

An unrelated question: are there still rumors of World adding 747-400s in the near future given the lack of available MD-11s?
The company proposed a 7% signing bonus based on guarantee for 12 months. They also offered 3% a year raises for the duration of the 3 year contract. So a total of 9% over 3 years with a 7% one time ”signing bonus" which of course does away with the retro pay we would like to have. Along with the raises came increases in health insurance premiums and other “benefits”.

Although that offer is mighty weak, considering how well the company has been doing for years now, it is not are biggest concern. World Airways created a holding corp. earlier this year and used it to buy North American Airlines. Prior to the purchase World Airways had announced the acquisition of 767-300ER's and a bid was announced thereafter. Just prior to the holding company announcement that bid was cancelled. Our biggest concern is, of course, protecting the jobs of the World Airways pilots. The LorenzoSchool of management tells us that these two airlines under the holding corp. will be pit against each other, a.k.a, Whipsaw. We will not allow this to happen! I think the guys/gals at Atlas/Polar can agree with us there.
They only have 300 pilots, right?
I'd like to go on record saying I love the word cajones.

How many times a month do you think Boeing kicks themselves for destroying the tooling for the MD-11?

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