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World Classes in Aug.

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May 26, 2002
I heard there were two new classes in Aug. Does anyone know the exp. levels for the guys in these classes? Was told 7200 hrs. and 2 type ratings but recently saw a gouge from someone with 4500 hrs. who got called for Aug. 2 class. Also has everyone been called for these classes or are they still trying to fill them?

The 7200 thing sounds like BS. The current mins I heard about were 4000tt, 1000 pic tubine and an ATP written or ATP. Mind you I was hired 5 years ago and things have changed with the market. The biggest thing I have seen is a strong recomendation from a line pilot. I have seen the mins adjusted in the past depending on the fire power of your recomendation letter. I would say apply and see what happens and then keep applying till you get a call. I once sent 2 faxes a week for 2 months till I got an interview because I did not have an internal recomendation for a job with ATI. I enjoyed working there and would still be there accept they furloughed me in Jan 01'. Anyways seniority is everything so keep sending your resume in till you get a call......Good Luck
As far as minimums and what is competitive is concerned it is a pretty big gap.
Per chief pilot they can not waver on the 1000 hours pic/turbine.

I just spent the last month of July in training and talked to quite a few new hires.... many who are furloughed captains from US Air so they have upteen hours. On the other hand I keep running into guys who met the minimums but were still in the 4000 hour range and didnt know anybody and got the call.
Thanks for the info guys. I actually interviewed back in Feb. and was told I was in the pool but was recently told that I could stay at the bottom of the pool indefinitely since current applicants had such high time. I guess that part wasn't quite accurate.
I'm in class now and have about 6200TT, 2300 TPIC, and 3 types.
Others in my class seem to have similar or higher numbers.

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