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World Airways

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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
I am looking for any and all information on World Airways. Anything from pay,contract,hours,hiring stats, anything. I've only found a little info on the net so help is needed for more, especially pay. thanks
World flies many military charters. I believe their HQ is around Dulles, VA (IAD). Thats all I know off the top of my head.

Flying Careers mag ran a nice article on World a few years back. Perhaps you could try to get ahold of a backissue.

Best of Luck.
World Air

Not to put a damper on your dreams of World Airways but I was just talking with a buddy of mine, who is about to be furloughed from them this coming month. He told me they are going to dump about 35-40 pilots. Sorry I don't have happier news.
to be exact, World is furloughing 21 pilots (include 7 FE's and 14 FO's, MD-11 and DC-10). Althought the letters have been sent out, the furloughs may not happen. They have contracts begining in Spring that will require all crewmembers. Being furloughed definitely sucks but on the bringht side our recall is not will be sooner that the poor DAL, AAL, and UAL guys/gals. They're talking years. I don't have a cystal ball and as we know, things may turn out different from what I've just mentioned.

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