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World Airways Hiring F/As

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Well-known member
Mar 15, 2002
World annouced they are hiring flight attendants. 50-100 from what I've heard. See their web-site for details.
I'll help you out CC:

Flight Attendant Open House

World Airways will be holding a Flight Attendant Open House and Interview Session in Atlanta, GA.

When: Wednesday, August 31 OR Thursday, September 1 (sign in from 8am – 9am). Doors will close at 9AM SHARP. You may attend ONE (1) Open House date.

Where: Glendalough Manor, 200 Glendalough Court Tyrone, GA 30290 (Please do not contact this facility directly).

Each day Open House session is limited to 300 potential candidates.

Please prepare to stay an additional day if you are selected for pre-employment testing. Please come professionally dressed and bring a current resume, passport that legally allows you to enter and exit every country, and your winning personality. If you are selected training begins September 26 and October 6.

Current bases are SEA (Seattle, Washington) and IAD (Washington DC).

List of items to bring to Open House:

• Snack and/or packed lunch (food will be available for purchase or within short driving distance)

• Tennis shoes and comfortable clothing for Human Performance Evaluation (HPE)

• Passport

• Resume

Must be 21 years of age
Legally able to work in the United States
Possess a passport that allows ENTRY into any country
Must have passport or proof of application available during Open House process
Must be able to pass 10-year background check and drug test
Will need to be able to successfully complete a human performance physical evaluation (HPE)

Essential Duties and Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

• Greet passengers, verifies tickets, records destinations, and directs passengers to assigned seats.

• Assists passengers to store carry-on luggage in overhead, garment, or under seat storage.

• Explains use of safety equipment such as seat belts, oxygen masks, and life jackets.

• Walks aisle of plane to verify that passengers have complied with federal regulations prior to take off.

• Serves previously prepared meals and beverages.

• Distributes headphones and sets up equipment for in-flight movie viewing.

• Observe passengers to detect signs of discomfort, and issues palliatives to relieve passenger ailments such as airsickness and insomnia.

• Administers first aid according to passenger distress when needed.

• Answers questions regarding performance of aircraft, stopovers, and flight schedules.

• Performs other personal services such as distributing reading material and pointing out places of interest.

• Prepares reports showing place of departure and destination, passenger ticket numbers, meal and beverage inventories, headphone inventories, palliatives issued, and lost and found articles.

• Collects money and record keep for meals, beverages and headphones.

• Directs passengers in emergency landing or evacuation.

• Checks emergency equipment.

Education and/or Experience:
High School diploma; 2-4 years customer service experience preferred; 1-2 years previous flight experience preferred.

Duties and Responsibilities (including but not limited to):

• Carry out all FAA requirements and safety practices

• Must be able to fly on duty 8 plus hour stretches

• Must be able to serve customers during turbulence

• Must be able to work extended delays as long as 24 hours due to weather, maintenance requirements, air traffic control, strikes, etc.;

• Must be able to move quickly and walk on unstable surface

• Maintain alertness for long hours in spite of jet lag and no complete rest during long flights.
Is it true you can live anywhere you would like and they will fly you to the airplane? If so, why are they listing bases in IAD and SEA? Does anyone know?
Yes. it's true, more so for pilots however. Most F/As don't live at those bases. The bases are "on paper" primarily, a place to figure your pay from.

There are a few more details for F/As, but it works to their advantage.
Disco, thanks for the reply. My cousin is interested in applying. I guess her question is does a new hire have to commute to SEA or IAD to start a trip or does World Airways "airline" them to the airplane ?(in whatever city it may be located). (I had heard that's what they do for pilots)

Also the website does not mention pay scales, etc. Is that info. available to the public?

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