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Working the line for a major carrier

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Cabo Wabo Express
May 4, 2002
Looking at trying to get a part time job, while I finish training for my CFI, working say for American or Northwest at Detroit Metro Airport. I am interested in a line job (bags, pushback, etc).
What procedure do I have to go through to get my information in to them? A while ago, I tried at another airport, and they told me that I would have to go to training in MN that NW offers to get a line job, yet I've heard people in the past say they could get right in without this training.

I work at NWA now as a part time CSA (throwing bags, deicing, and ticket counter stuff). I had to go thru their training in DTW, they put you up in a hotel for 3 1/2 weeks although its paid at 60% of your normal rate there. The training is incredibly easy, especially if you have knowledge of airplanes and computers. Pretty boring (its all CBT-Computer Based Training). But its paid and I had a pretty good time. I know that NWA does training in MSP and MEM and DTW. All the airlines I know except some of the local regionals have the same kind of training. Some have OJT (On Job Training), I believe American/Eagle would make you go down to DFW. Anyways that was my experience.

If you work for FedEx for one full year as a permanent part or full time employee, and meet the minimum flight crew member requirements, you can interview for a pilots' position.

In order to be considered a permanent employee you must work 17 1/2 hours per week and you will qualify for full medical, dental and eye care insurance. You don't need to commute to Memphis either. Any FedEx sorting station will work. Its not a bad deal and gives you something to work for besides the paycheck. Good luck.:)

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