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Workin it

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Well-known member
Jan 28, 2002
I currently work a typical desk job: 8-5 M-F. I am trying to pay for my flight training and am thinking about getting a second job to work in the evenings and weekends when I am not flying. I inquired about a line tech job at PDK airport down the road from me. I'd like to work in aviation so I can be around it as much as possible and possible get some connections. Can anybody describe exactly what a line tech does and a ball park figure of pay? Any advice on what kind of second job to get?
In the past, I've worked part-time at two FBOs on the same airfield to help finance training and to network with the folks who will be hiring one day.

Line techs can be responsible for any combination of the following ...

Guiding aircraft in/out
Fueling (Avgas and JetA)
Cleaning company aircraft
Cleaning FBO (inside an out)
Refilling and cleaning fuel trucks
Maintenance flights (fun!)
Ringing up fuel and supply sales
Answering phone
Tugging aircraft in and out of hangers

It was sometimes fun, often grueling, sometimes boring. You'll meet alot of corporate and charter pilots and make alot of connections. Keep your ears open during BS sessions and you'll often learn alot about flying, too.

In the Southeastern US, line pay ranges from $6.00 to $10.00 per hour (maybe benefits ... maybe not ...) at small to medium-sized FBOs.

Good luck, and remember ... some of the biggest a$$holes you deal with may turn out to be a Chief Pilot somewhere. :)

Minh Thong
We (Business Aviation, FSD) hire around $8-$10 DOE,DOQ.

Line work is alot of fun, or has been in my experience. Don't take the BS from co-workers too serious, we like to work hard and party hard. It's a great way to get reduced prices on rentals and ground (20% here). Doesn't take too many brain cells to pump gas or move aircraft, just alittle common sense.

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