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Wolf Retires!!!!

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flying in asia
Nov 27, 2001
It was announced yesterday by US Airways that Wolf will retire and remain with the company in a non-executive role. He is to be raplaced by Dave Siegel who was pres of COex from '95-'99. Things can only get better now.
www.v1rotate.com had some posts about this subject and links to a couple articles about both the retirement and the new guy. I hope he's as good as everyone says he is.

I'm optimistic things will get better. This guy worked along side Mr. Oreinstein at Continental and look what he's done to Mesa. Yeah he improved Mesa and got all these new jets and made tons of profits but now he's starting and new airline called Freedom Air. He definitely doesn't want current Mesa pilots to fly the 70 & 90 seat jets. I'm not saying this guy won't do good we'll just have to wait and see.
Sounds like you want Mr. O and not the new guy. Either way it really doesent matter. Wolfe is gone and maybe USAir can turn things around. It is always hard to say that one person is holding down the airline, but it will be nice to have some new blood in the high office.
Sorry to rain on your parade, but Dave Siegel will run USAirways almost exactly like Steve Wolf did. I wouldn't be surprised if Steve Wolf didn't hand pick his replacement himself. He managed to alienate the entire pilot group at COEX during his tenure here. We couldn't wait for him to leave. He is very anti labor. You all will get plenty of Embraers, but it will be on HIS terms, not the union's. I hope he is what USAirway's needs to turn things around, but I highly doubt it.
I can read thank you.

US Airways Taps New CEO, Wolf to Retire
Wed Mar 6, 5:05 PM ET
By Patrick Markey

NEW YORK (Reuters) - US Airways Group named David Siegel, a Continental Airlines veteran, as its new chief executive on Wednesday, three months after his predecessor left the airline amid growing financial losses.

US Airways Chairman Stephen Wolf will also retire, handing Siegel control of the airline's operations while remaining chairman of the board in a nonexecutive capacity.

Siegel, previously chairman and CEO of Avis, a unit of Cendant Corp. , joins the ranks of Arlington, Virginia-based US Airways at a critical time.

and so it the article continued
no problem

He is gone when he is all the way gone.

The positive side of this is unlike his predessor, he does report directly to the board. Wolf still chairman only not ceo or coo

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