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Will Avolar rise from the ashes?

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Well-known member
Mar 24, 2002
What if some of the investors that
United was talking to initially decided to
resurrect Avolar. Does anyone think this
could be a possibility? Obviously it would
be under a totally new name, but a lot
of the key players might still be
interested in making a go of it. I mean,
if there are customers out there crying
and wringing their hands to buy a share
of an aircraft then why not try to accomodate them?
I would be interested in hearing input on
the topic. Could it
work? Would it work?
I may be wrong, but the way I understood it, there were no customers OR investors beating down the door to Avolar...

I think potential customers were scared because it was so new and there was no infrastructure in place, and I think investors were scared because they felt EJA could undercut anything Avolar tried....

I don't think there was much of either (customers or investors) who were interested... UAL saw this and realized it wasn't going to happen... hence they closed the doors.

Just my $0.02...
To answer your question (I was an Avolar pilot) NO.

The company is history - people are scattered, jets are returned, owners are paid back, ... Good idea, too bad UAL didn't want to go through with it.

There WERE owners, customers, etc. Sure the press didn't help Avolar's marketing strategy, but I know for a fact that people were still calling up until the end.

Now what do I do..?? I did get a Lear-45 type rating out of the deal. No flight time in it though. Have an interview with Customs Wednesday in San Diego - we'll see how that goes.

Could always try driving a bus...

Sorry to hear you got a raw deal. I had my resume in and was
looking forward to something good coming out of it. I have a
friend who has a friend that was in management (maintenance).
Evidently he didn't even see it coming as soon as it did. He came
home early from work one day and got a call later that evening
saying that they had pulled the plug. This is somewhat second
or third hand information of course, but bottom line is, it sucks
for you guys that were depending on it! I hope all goes well for
you and everyone else that got the shaft.
Good luck!


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