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WIA training

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Well-known member
Jan 28, 2002
I just heard from my job counselor from my state that I finally got the money I was chasing for to go to Pilatus school at SIMCOM. I guess SIMCOM is now a valid training provider in FL under WIA.

Hope this helps any other furloughees!

Cash in Illinois...

For those of you in IL:

WIA funding in the amount of $6000 is available for 737 type ratings. FTI in Denver and Higher Power in Dallas are the only approved vendors for the 737, at this time. They can get you a Lear 25 or 35 type if you go corporate, but I'm not to sure about that. The man you want to start to talk to is Shelley Joseph. I don't have his number at hand, but I will post it tomorrow, or PM if you have any questions on the process. It is quick, easy, and painless.

1800 RVR

Anyone had luck with WIA in FL and can fill me in on how much they are willing to pay towards the process and who is approved for the training.

Is this money for furloughed pilots only? What if you were laid off because your employer closed due to banrkuptcy?

Just got notice today that the TX Work Force Development Board has certified Higher Power Aviation in Dallas for 737 training. Contact Barbara Murphy of the Gulf Coast WDB at (713) 627-3200. I understand that she will initiate the process to determine assistance eligibility. Now if I just have to figure out how to get Simu-flight and Flight Safety certified in TX.
WIA funding

When I went to my local job service, I had little knowledge about WIA. And my case worker had little knowledge about how it can be applied to a furloughed airline pilot. After some time, and many phone calls, the both of us were able to convince SIMCOM to provide the regional workforce board in Orlando the required paperwork to be an eligible training provider (ie. certification, training syllabus, insurance. etc.) I was originally trying to get the Pilatus PC12 course approved, then due to some company changes, I was wanting to get the King Air 200 course to be my approved course. Once the state approved the school under one program, the second was no big deal. It was able to be changed within an hour. I think the change was more on my state's end (Idaho).

Also, on my first visit, my case worker showed me how much (exactly) Idaho was given and what was left from the federal govt. She initially was hesitant about proceeding with my case because she said the average person only gets granted about $700. But after presenting a letter from my company's owner guaranteeing a job and a visit from my chief pilot on my behalf, she was convinced that this was a worthwhile investment for the state's money. She was even able to get the $5000 maximum limit for an individual waived to include the extra $1080 to cover the full price of the course. It took about 2 months, but it is all worth it now.

So to answer your questions humblepilot and flydog, I am into this training project $0 so far. The person to speak to at Pan Am Intl Flight Academy is Marilyn Ladner at their Miami corporate office. I'll get to Florida on a company pass, my charter company is paying for my hotel and car. Also, I think WIA would be available to a pilot after a company bankruptcy. I believe that is included under the act. I would go to your local Dept of Labor office and inquire about this. I think the deciding factor on getting my approval on this was that I had a guaranteed job upon completion of this aircraft-specific course. Also I had to tell them that I was making less than 80% of my airline salary (not a problem) and that my salary after training would be comprarable to pre-layoff wages. Send me a PM if you have any further questions.

TRBojet :cool:
anyone know about WIA in the state of CA? im between states right now deciding where to have permanent resisdence... MI will pay for 4000$ max, but what about CA??

thanks for any info.
I don't know about CA WIA but you might try calling Sarah Clague at Pan Am International flight Academy at 1-305-874-6641 or try Loraine Bethke at Higher Power Aviation 1-972-641-4661. I hear they are both clued in to WIA and how to get the ball rolling in most states.

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