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WIA Program

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This may help

Check your job placement office in your area. If they say there is no more $ in that county, then check other counties. That is what I did and got money from a different county. Good luck, it's slim picens'.

My state had no money....the first time I asked. The more I asked, the more they found.
But that was 3/02 when the USA today said SWA is hiring 270+ pilots by the end of 2002. I would think wia funds would be getting very hard to get these days.

If ya gotta ask what's WIA, you're probably employed and don't need it. ;)

Re. WIA in NJ--my county has been great with coming up with 4k, (referred to as the "enhancement" portion of the WIA), however that's short of the full cost of a 737 type. There's another county that's advertised itself as the state authority to allocate and disburse National Emergency Grant monies for the transportation industry. That's Union County. However I have been working the paperwork hoops since May with them. Each time I provide what they want (once even a letter pre-read to them over the phone), they reverse or change course and require something else or otherwise the same thing differently worded. They keep saying that they're not funding "commercial" pilot training since the purpose of their program is to assist "commercial" pilots into corporate aviation since the airlines are in "such bad shape." They seemed willing to fund a 30k corporate jet type over qualifying me to receive the remaining 3.5k I need for a 737 type. Yesterday I provided them a hire letter to fly a 737 for a corporation. Imagine the big silence followed by a 40 mile overland audible "gulp." I admit I had to snicker a little. Yet, but guess what--they "found" something else about which to object. But also guess what--they're running out of obstacles 'cause I'm negotiating each one more quickly than they're able to set them up. So, I know it's only a matter of time.

If you are in need of WIA funds, don't give up the fight, but sharpen your pencil and keep good records of whom you spoke with, when, and what they said. :D For those interested, I'm gonna guess that the National Emergency Grant portion of WIA may well shake loose at the begining of next FY.
Any furloughed UAL or American guys from Illinois out there gotten any money for flight training??? I am just wondering how to go about it....so far I haven't asked for any of it but I'd like to check into what steps to take to go about it.
Hey UALX727

I am doing the program right now through Illinois, PM me and I will give you the names and numbers
O......I give, what is WIA. A state funded program to get a type rating?
It stands for Workforce Investment Act. It gives fedral funds to provide further training for those who are out of work.
Anyone have any leads on State WIA programs that still ahve ing some $$$ laying around. A friend has been working with some company trying to get the funding and no luck. Any contact information you guys can offer would be great too. Thanks!

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