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WIA Funding? (Domicile?)

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Apr 24, 2002
Does any one have any gouge on WIA? A bud from ORD (who doesn't live there) said that he got a type paid for by the state of Illinois b/c that was where he was based. I thought you had to go through the process in the county where you collected unemployment. Does anybody know the truth on this? (By which, I mean, obviously you can do it if he did it, but is this kosher? And if it's a little afield, is it in the same ballpark, give or take, or are you really hanging yourself out there?)
I have heard that if you are on furlough you can go through WIA and get a type of your choice, If the county has the money to pay for it.

I am checking into this as we speak and when I hear anything about it I will PM you.

Call your local unemployment office and they can help you with questions. Just ask to speak to someone about the WIA program.

Good luck!

There are 2 or 3 other earlier threads on this, one just about a week old.

I just finished researching/calling around.

The WIA program is Fed $, controlled by local boards. In WI, there are several multi-county boards. The one I'm in (GRB), will only pay a max of $1500 for any flight training as its "short-term". I'm going to use it to get my CFI. The local board told me other pilots who applied earlier tried ORD, as that was where they were based, and I believe that the ORD area didn't pay a lot either.

I could apply at any of these regional boards here in WI. When I called the 737 type places, they suggested using STL, as that was my base and I have my old crashpad address I could use. Unfortunately, for types, their max is $4000 (I don't know what it is elsewhere in MO). I realized I could also try FL, as my parents live there. If you get $ from FL, they will require you to spend it in FL, as there are type places based in FL. A Dallas business told me that FL wasn't paying now-I don't know if this is true or not.

There were rumours of a program specifically for displaced airline workers, but the local people told me congress never approved that, just the billions for the big corporations, which makes sense because the corporatations and their wealthy directors are the ones that pay for all of the elections in the US. We, as common citizens, don't fund their elections, so they don't care what we think, and we don't get the money, because we aren't the politicians source of wealth. The WIA program is for ALL displaced workers.

The $ available varies widely from location to location, with some being < $1000, while others will cover the whole type rating. See the other threads for names and numbers to call to get help with this.

NOTE: I found out that if you don't have 2000 hours (there are some exceptions), you can't get a normal type rating, so it didn't wouldn't have helped me anyway.

To UALU30, Info on WIA funding...

Hi UALU30, (April 25, 2002)
(You asked: Does any one have any gouge on WIA?)
A long time ago (Oct 2001), after I was furloughed, I came across WIA funding on this board. I dove into the net and did my research. Not knowing quite what to do with the information, I let it rest. A couple of weeks ago, realizing that callback may be longer than expected, I started to put my stuff together for the WIA counselor. Well, a few hours at Kinko's and with a proposal in hand, I presented my case to the counselor.

I was called back the next business day and was informed that they will pick up the tab for training. I was very fortunate for the speedy process and now to have the ability to pursue my interests. I wish anyone needing this service is entitled to positive feedback, so please PM me if you have other questions.

(You asked: I thought you had to go through the process in the county where you collected unemployment. Does anybody know the truth on this?)
To be precise, I called the main office for the state I live in, not domiciled, and they gave me the number and address of the people I needed to get in touch with.

Good luck.
I was just curious what the requirements were to be eligible for WIA funds. I was furloughed from a regional airline last September, but i'm currently flying for a 135 operator. Am I excluded as a possible recipient because I currently have a flying job? I think I remember someone saying that in addition to having a furlough letter, you must be recieving unemployment. Is this correct or is there more to it?


I have a part-time job (substitute teaching) and receive unemployment for the weeks I'm elligible. My "case worker" told me if I was hired full time, I wouldn't be elligible, and I have to be getting some gov't help (unemployment, welfare, food stamps, etc., etc.). I would call and find out, and if you don't like the answer, call a different county/board area to see if you can get a better answer.

Thanks to all the replies. I had a small family crisis this weekend, but I also managed to find the other threads on this board. Apparently, as long as you're ORD domiciled, it's 4000 toward a type rating. I tried CA, and they just seemed perplexed by the entire thing.
Jim, I saw you mentioned K&S, did you go there? How was the training? The other two I've seen are Higher Power and FTI? Any comments? Isn't there another one in FL?
Thanks out there for the gouge. I'm ending up going to FTI b/c I have a place to crash without a hotel room and there's no wait right now. Been getting bored watching the soaps. . .

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