Why Tasers are not acceptable


Are we there yet?
Nov 27, 2001
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Take a look at the video that is available on the Allied Pilots Association public website. It was produced in cooperation with the union and several ex-Special Forces personnel, and demonstrates graphically why a Taser or stun gun has no place in the cockpit.

Think about this folks: Those of you who are against the arming of flight crews accept the cockpit door as the very last hope against a terrorist victory. You cannot expect a crewmember, who may or may not have training in martial arts or improvised weapons combat, to face a fanatic who may have been training for years for this precise mission. The need for lethal weapons in the cockpit is simply a part of the new reality we all work in. The fact that our own government is still preventing the re-arming of flight crews is nothing less than astonishing.