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Why not do charter sales?

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Jun 12, 2003
I'm looking for some insight. With all of our knowledge of biz jets, why doesn't anybody start doing charter sales? Has anybody tried? What were the hurdles? I mean we all know what it takes. We know how to arrange ground transportation. We know how to arrange catering. What else is there?
I've met some brokers. They don't strike me as geniuses. I already own a business. I already accept credit cards. How hard could it be?
How many clients do you have that call you, and only you, for their travel needs? The hard part isn't running their credit card, the hard part is building a rolodex of clients that keeps you busy.
Its more difficult than you think. Do you want a 24/7 job where the phone rings at 3am when you're trying to rest for a 6am departure? Also, there are a lot more trip logistics than just arranging catering and ground transportation. Do you have the capital available to book a $50,000 charter with an operator while your client sits on the invoice? Just because you can fly a plane doesn't mean you can sell charter. Our company works with some great brokers and some brokers with the "get rich quick" mentality. This isn't to say that it can't be done and an individual can't be happy doing it, just food for thought.

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