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Why have my hours been cut back?

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Active member
Dec 17, 2004
For those of you who may be experiencing a slow down in the number of hours you have been flying, I have an explanation. The military is experiencing what is termed a Continuing Resolution Authority. Basically, the House and Senate have not approved the Defense Appropriation Bill and we are only allowed enough money per month to make payroll and maintain the baseline configurations within the squadron. Once the politicians get done playing politics, we will get the fully programmed amount of dollars to our squadrons.
What are you talking about? Make payroll? What squadron are you in? Whose flying hours have been cut? Not ours. Somehow I don't think the US Air Force has been grounded for lack of money. Am I missing something?
We're flying just as many locals, and of course, most of our airlift missions are paid for by the customer. No slowdown here.

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