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Whos the Big Cheese at Air Tran?

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Air Tran

I've been sending resumes to Jill Nidiffer at Pilot Recruitment. I think her official title is something like 'Manager of Management Staffing', but don't quote me on that.
I believe her assistant is Greta Charles, you could send one in her direction too - it can't hurt.
I hear that they are totally swamped with applications. I have been sending resumes in on a regular basis with one letter of recommendation for about 3 months and have heard nothing. I don't mean to discourage you but I hope you have better luck than I have had.


For what it's worth, the hiring department is still geared up for hiring somewhere around 250 new pilots this year. They have been (and still are) swamped with resume's and did a lot of interviewing recently. They 'cooled' things off for this month but the word is that they are going to ramp up a little in the coming weeks. This is straight from Jill, but keep in mind things change constantly. Keep plugging away, hopefully you'll hear something soon.
Interview time

My ref. told me about a month. But it has been that long and still no call! Have been updating both email and fax weekly.

Hope this helps?
Int. stuff

Let me add this as well!

Apparently the training dept. was short on instructors. They got 20+ through the process and this will helpout the new hire training sitch! They are gearing up for alot of hiring. I heard 400+ this year? Plus, they will be loosing "grey hairs" due to age 60 retirement?
here's some good news

I was hired in Nov 2001. I've already get over 100 pilots (including new hires in training) below me. I was told by the guys running the training for the 717 that we should hire approx. 400 this year.

Upgrades are quick, too. My friend will go to upgrade class on the DC-9 in March. His 1st recurrent checkride was a couple of weeks ago. He got the award after 14 months with the company.

Be very persistent! I had one recommendation but was told by Jill that it was my persistence that got me the interview. A recommendation really can help, though.

Good Luck!
Training was (and still is) geared up for the ~400 new hires, however, HR has said as recently as last week that they are scaling back to a number around 250. I think the # is dependent on the number of 717's we will get this year. Obviously the more planes the more pilots, but I have heard that as of now we are getting ~20, and looking for more.
Definitely send your resumes to Greta and Jill in Orlando - you can fax to 407.251.5896. I have been told (by a pretty reliable source) that classes are pretty well booked right now through the summer. They did a lot of interviewing at the end of '01 and the beginning of '02 to be ahead of the curve - looks like it worked. I also know that they have about 5000 resumes on file and the way to get an interview is through a recommendation from a current AirTran pilot. Last thing - don't overload them with one resume a day or even one a week. They're pretty well organized (I've seen it for myself) and know that when they get one with a recommendation it does get reviewed. So.... bottom line - get a recommendation, fax it once - get your own confirmation, and keep your fingers crossed. Oh yeah, I think they're taking a little break on the interviewing since classes are full so don't get upset if you don't hear in two days.
Greta and Jill are the key people, however the Vice Pres of Flight Ops, Klaus Goersch picks candidates from the resumes handed to him by Jill and Greta. Just 3 weeks ago I personally walked my buddy's resume to Greta...she reviewed it and while she said over 2000 hours in MD80 and giving up seniority at major was good...she said that what they are really looking for is 121 PIC...she nevertheless put his resume in the file bound to Klaus which had only about 10 resumes out of 900 sitting by her desk.
Still no call...looks like you need that PIC time.

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