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Well-known member
Dec 11, 2001
Hi everybody.

i was coming back yesterday from the Daytona 500 and saw a couple of interesting things. Can anybody tell me which flight department owes at least 2 GIV, a Falcon 2000, a Citation VII. All the planes are painted blue and white. There tail number always incorporates 317. ex: 317M, 317MW, ...

Just Curious.

If memory serves, I think those are MBNA's out of Wilmington, DE (ILG). The credit card/financial company... Now you now what happens when you just pay the minimum balance over forty years....
I second that....Several years ago....everyonce in a while, when all of their planes were busy I would fly them around in a Westwind. At the time I think they had something like 2-3 Westwinds and a Gwiz or two.
Yep, I saw the same fleet of aircraft flying in and parking at the Phoenix-Deer Valley Airport last month. I believe the aircraft were here for the Phoenix Open Golf Tournament. There were about 4-5 GIVs painted in blue/white, with the same tail numbers as mentioned.

I always wondered who they belonged to!?!
N-number : N317M
Aircraft Serial Number : 1446
Aircraft Manufacturer : GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE
Model : G-IV
Engine Manufacturer : ROLL-ROYCE
Model : TAY 611-8
Aircraft Year : 2001
Owner Address : 142 OLD CHURCHMANS RD
NEW CASTLE, DE, 19720-3116
Registration Date : 21-Dec-2001
Airworthiness Certificate Type : Standard
Approved Operations : Transport

N-Number Search

Doesn't MBNA lease aircraft? If so, they may be listed as the owners under the N-number search, but may not necessarily be the operators.
I'll bet those planes do belong to MBNA. They sponser Bobby Labonte and Tony Stewart's cars in NASCAR. So it's a good bet that if you saw them in Daytona, that's what they were there for. That actually would be a great flying gig. You might get to go to all kinds of races, golf tournaments, etc.
MBNA is listed as the owner because they have provided financing for another company would be my bet. I'm sure they have their own aircraft, but do many searches on large biz jets with the n-numbers and most are owned by banks because they have the notes.

Just a thought.

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