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Who's next in the SWA pool?

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...in OAK!
Dec 10, 2001
Hi Folks,

Who's missing from our list? We currently have 176 members on the list of approx. 250-300 that are said to be waiting. Some of you have sent in stats of your friends that haven't signed up yet...thanks!! Please continue to ask our poolie colleagues that haven't signed up to do so... or continue to send in their stats if you know their pool date.

Also, we'll post your class date to the list if you tell us when you get the call for a class. With calls coming soon, we're sure to get a good idea of our expected class date.

I want to thank you all for sending in the information to make this list possible. Everyone that has sent in their stats has made this list easy to keep. MLBWINGBORN, without your help...we'd have NO list and we'd be wondering why it takes so long to get to DAL! Thanks for getting this started. Also thanks to Ivauir, Pegasus, InHot, Shooter38, SentryIP, OakRBust, Slug & Qxeplt for sending your idea's and fixes to make it work better. If I missed anyone sorry....my memory isn't quite as good as it used to be.
There's still one problem, if any of you can make this file size smaller (over 500 kb), I'm all ears. Tried using FrontPage but don't have time to rebuild the list from scratch....got no time to learn this program with work and family this summer. Anyone wanting to volunteer to do this is welcome to try!

Keep the info coming in and thanks again!!

See you all in Dallas,


Here's my Idea...


I'm no computer whiz but I was messing around with the pool list and converted it into a PDF file. Total file size ended up to be 49.5 KB. Perhaps a PDF link would work good. Just a thought.

Happy trails...
Great idea...


I think you may have something there. I'm not a computer whiz either, but I'm sure the PDF format would look great and reduce the overall size....and ultimately the download time. If you have the Adobe Writer would you be interested in giving this a try on the next update? This would require all users to download and install the Acrobat Reader if they don't already have it on their computers. Any objections anyone??????

Also, I almost forgot to acknowledge our Sysop "Mark" for all his work on making this list happen. Mark, thanks for putting this list on the board for us and for keeping this board available!!
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