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Who's been furloughed the LONGEST?!

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!! At the Brown County Fairgrounds! You'll pay for all the seat, but YOU'LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!!!
Pilots whining about being the longest on furlough...You won't believe YOUR EYES!!!

I've been furloughed since Oct. 15th, 2001. I'm also really bored (hence the completely inane thread).
regarding coex, any word on when recalls may begin? rumors? just curious...

i hope everyone is back to work soon!
low&slow, gotcha by a few days...

September 19th!

Why do I feel proud to have beaten you????:eek:

Good luck everyone, I hope you are all recalled very soon!
Me too

October 1st seems to be a magic number.

I can't believe some guys go laid-off before that...talk about companies acting quickly. Wowch!

No official word yet about recalls at CoEx, but lots of rumors. I've heard anywhere from this month to next year. Nobody really knows for sure. However, I do have a good friend in scheduling who feels recalls may begin next month. Apparently, coverage is terrible. Also, one of my former roomates took the flight attendant option and has told me that the future looks bright as well for those furloughed.

We are taking delivery of 22 airplanes net this year (RJs minus retired and retiring turboprops) and I think 43 next year so by my math recalls can't be too far down the road. I would guess in the mid-summer range, maybe June or July.

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