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Who would you rather meet, FO Jeff Skiles or the NJ Hawker crew?

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Coool Hand Luke

Well-known member
May 7, 2006
Anyone see the Phillips ad on p. 18 of the Oct. AIN?

They are bringing USAirways FO Jeff Skiles to the NBAA convention for a meet and greet at their booth. It got me to thinking. Who would you rather meet?

The NetJet Hawker crew that had the midair with the sailplane a few years back or FO Skiles?
unless, I can get some off their luck I don't care about either one. sorry!
Who's Jeff Skiles?
I want to meet the glider pilot who crapped his pants after losing a wing.
Well I thought it was an interesting choice too. Not sure how much interest Phillips is going to get with this one. After reading the above, seems like not much. Hope they didn't have to pay too much to get him there.
Nice to hear Jeff Skiles is earning some cash for his heroics. Sully is making a bundle and Jeff shouldn't be left out in the cold...

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