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Well-known member
Feb 24, 2002
Someone from Dallas has ads EVERYWHERE for Jetstream 31/32 Captain's, a Dir. of Ops, CP, DOM, and A&P's.

The ad says A&P's will be paid $8 to $10 per hour, and Captains will earn $35 to $40 per hour.

Who the f _ _ _ is this??
Is this the same craphole that's looking for a D.O. for $600-700/week. I make nearly that much on unemployment!
why do u think they have ads EVERYWHERE?

dont worry, some 1500 hour super pilot will take the job and drive salaries down even more.
That will be a smoking hole, the dung beetle is nothing to mess around with BE1900 yup, beetle no.
They even require a CC for new-hires. Company expenses must be charged and then the employees will be reimbursed.

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