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Who is still Out?

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Frank Bama

Well-known member
Dec 22, 2001
I am just trying to grasp which Regionals still have the most pilots out on furlough. It seems to me that when many start recalling while others are still laying off that something just doesn't fit right. And of course I know of one that is actually hiring. As one of those still waiting for a phone call back, I would like to ask if anyone had any idea about what the situation is around the Regional Airline Industry as far as where everyone is at in numbers still on the street. Thanks and have a very Happy New Year.
Eagle still has 304 on the street, and to my knowledge, Mesa still has 314 on the street. Eagle's recall is largely dependent upon American due to scope restrictions and what not.
Trans States had about 200 pilots on furlough and just recalled about 60 of us, me included. Can't wait to go back.
Continental Express still has around 400 on furlough. Like Eagle, our recall is somewhat influenced by Continental pilots who were able to "flow back" to our seniority list. Continental has announced that they won't recall anyone during 2002. It seems likely that we at Continental Express won't be recalled until at least the end of '02, as the only recalls will be due to growth (new aircraft). It is a mess.
Air Willy currently has 40 (including myself) on furlough. Recalls are not expected until August at the earliest, per the Chief Pilot who I chatted with a week or two ago. We are still losing aircraft and are not expected to begin increasing fleet size until the 3rd quarter. I love watching skywest get all sorts of new routes. Gotta loooooooove it!
Not too long ago, everyone thought flow throughs were a good thing. Now we see they are just a way for the mainline pilots to have a guaranteed job, to the detriment of the wholly owned regionals. The only reason ASA and Comair are expanding, is that we don't have a flow through, and Delta's scope didnt think of this when it was written. ALPA has to be stopped from letting another pilot group control your life, without your vote or input. Why should the guy at the airline making money have to pay with his job, for the guy working at the one that is losing money? If the regional pilot has to take the hit on furloughs, he should also get to reap the benefits of being a major airline pilot. Join the RJDC.com group today, send in ten bucks a month, if you can, and help us to make this situation a thing of the past. Good luck to all of you, you are welcome to fly with me any day.
Great Lakes has a total of about 100 furloughed. That's counting pre and post 9/11. There's about 250 pilots flying now. Plus about 2 months of people in training that weren't on payroll were released in July. As AWAcoff stated, "You gotta love it"!

I suppose I'll throw my .02 in here,

Skyway has 64 (out of approx. 260) pilots on furlough, me included (argh), but the news has been promising of late. Our hotline said that 8 folks are to be recalled in mid-January, and with the news of Midex recalls in the near future, perhaps things are looking up. I'm halfway down the list, and really hoping that late April or May might be the lucky month for me...we'll see.

Take care,
CAL mainline is going to furlough another 100 in the next couple of months, meaning another 100 out the door at CALEX.

Flow through/back agreements suck.

By the way, CAL is talking up their amazing success on Wall St. while ditching more pilots. What gives?

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