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Whining about ASA threads

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Well-known member
Jun 17, 2003
just thoiught i'd start another ASA thread for those who read threads about ASA and then whine about reading it :laugh:
Don't read them. I tend to avoid all RAH threads, Pinnacle threads, Comair, Mesa, Mesaba, PSA and Eagle thread.......frankly, because what is happening there is of no interest to me. So I don't click and it has no bearing on my life one way or the other. Really, to chose to click a thread and take the time to read it, and then complain about it is just nuts!
If you look at the top 2 threads by views on the first page, they are both about ASA. It appears that there are more viewers interested in ASA than not. So the problem is...?
Do people actually come to FI to find useful information? This place is nothing more than hanging out at the bar with your buddies and joking around with each other.
All your threads are belong to us!

-Eat it MESA!
Why haven't we had popcorn in the break room for a while? I need something to munch on while sitting at our cool new high top tables. Damn ASA:(

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