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Which would you choose?

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May 27, 2003
If given the choice between 1 of the following 2 companies, which would you do:

1. DC10 FO, no type rating, mostly international flying
2. 757 FO, they type you, domestic/international mix

Both pay almost the same, as are schedules and contract etc.

So, please discuss pros/cons, which airplane is more fun to fly, easier to learn, less/more workload etc.?
If you are concerned about workload, the FO position in a 3 man cockpit (like the DC-10) is hands-down the easiest position out there. You don't do anything except fly your leg. The FE does the paperwork, the plotting chart, the weight and balance, the HF radio check, etc. The FO doesn't do anything except fly and talk to ATC.

But that really shouldn't be important. Nor should which airplane is more "fun to fly" as you put it. After a while in either aircraft, the "fun" factor won't be a big deal. The same goes for which is "easier to learn". I've never had trouble in any groundschool/sim training/IOE, and I'm no genius. So easy to learn should not be a factor.

What airlines are you picking from?
Omni, Gemini, Trans Meridian? You really need to look at the contracts. Even if they pay the same, there may be work rule differences. Basing, financial outlook, upgrade time, etc are more important than crew workload and "fun to fly" (to me, anyway). Do you plan on staying at either company for a while, or will you be looking for a better job as soon as you finish IOE?

There are probably more important considerations than easy to learn, fun to fly, and crew workload.

Just my 2 C
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