Which one to giveth of yourself?


Master of the Cowbell
Dec 11, 2001
Total Time
I just retired in August after 22 1/2 years in the Air Force and Army. Started enlisted, went to flight school and served as a warrant got my degree and defected to the Air Force. Flyin helo's was a kick, no doubt. However, your future, job prospects and economics make fixed wing the smarter choice. The Air Force is like a corporation unlike the Army which is more like a hard labor camp. Thought and innovation are not encouraged. The lifestyle, quality of life, travel locations, and personnel are no comparision. There were some of the best people I've ever worked with in the Army but the life, 35 degrees, rain and mud, get to suck after awhile. Live in a hotel, get per diem, and all the type ratings you can stomach. Good luck to you.

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