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Which Frac?

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Freight Dawg

What can Brown do for you
Apr 15, 2005
If you had a choice between Citation Shares, FlexJet, Flight Options and NetJets which would you pick. I think the OEM supported and owned will long outlast the others. Later Dudes.
I'd come to FLOPs if I were you. Once you sign on you'll swear you never want to quit because you'd hate to miss what's next!!

Sorry my NetJets brothers and sisters, guess you'll be first out of business with no OEM owners, I'm sure Warren will be upset at this news. Breath easy Raytheon, Cessna, and Bombardier workers. . .whew!!

Seriously though Dawg, just search the frax forum under "well beaten horse on last breath" and you'll find a litany opinions. My opinion? We are all trying to suck less.
I originally hired on Raytheon TravelAir. But, now I am a FlightOptions pilot. I've been in the Frac's for 5 years now. Overall, FLOPS has been good to me. Is there room for improvements, yes. I do believe upper management has realized they cannot tick off the pilot group. They have reversed some of their stupid decisions because we let it be known we were not happy. All of the frac's have issues, it's just a matter of what kind of schedule you want and equipment you want to fly.
We are on a 8 on 7 off schedule. All the new hires will have to live out of 18 possible domiciles. You may or may not like the choices.
Pay could come up a bit, but knowing I'll have a job for awhile let's me sleep better.
I'd advise you speak to each fractional and get all the information on pay, per diem, schedule, benefits, equipment, and upgrade time and choose the one that fits your requirements.
Good luck
If contract negotations were resolved at NJA I would go there, however I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel for NJA. Mr. B and his legal teams will eventually replace everyone there in some way, shape, or form and then, if your lucky, you'll end up at the bottom of flight options list anyway. Might as well go there in the 1st place. Trust me, Ive seen it before! Good luck!
Maybe Citation Shares...at least you know what your gonna make and the management seems to like their employees. I believe the Captain makes 68k...I am not sure about raises...look into this part. Overall, I have heard good things about this company.

NetJets...well...to borrow a line..."friends don't let friends fly at NetJets"...especially not for the low initial pay ($28k) and nasty 5 year pay as captain...about $65k...again thats 5 years as a captain flying the wealthiest people in the country and they only pay you $65k and award you with a nice quality of life...something in the order of 14/10 work days. I have a number of friends at NetJets...lately the only good thing I hear is that they are still a Berkshire Hathaway company...so at least they have a job and a paycheck. That's not saying much when you see what they do for their money...they are a hard working group as far as I can tell and underpaid. Just do a search on this forum on NetJets and you will QUICKLY see the level of...well disfunction...and the company keeps pooring fuel on the burning pilots.

I don't know much about FlexJet and Floptions...they seem to have those long days but the pay is a "bit" better than NetJets. Financially...well...Floptions just got some "save yah" money from their parent company and I don't know how FlexJet is doing. I had considered FlexJet but the initial FO pay kinda sucks. I don't recall what it was. FlexJet and Floptions don't have unions...that could be a good thing...it could be a bad thing...that is up to you to decide.

Again...trying to end this on a good note...I would consider Citation Shares, but fractionals are about as appealing as the commuters...in my humble opinion. Just like the commuters...if you are looking for PIC jet time to go somewhere else...fine...but not really a great long term option. If you are over 60...it might be a good option if you want to fly ALOT.

Honestly not trying to offend anyone here...I know there are people out there that are VERY happy flying the fractionals. Just my opinion on the fractionals in brief.

Good luck in your search Freight Dawg.
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GVFlyer put a pretty good post on another thread about the profitability and desirability of life in the fracs.

GVFlyer said:
Althought I consider Citation Shares to be the best fractional company at which to work after NetJets' two large aircraft companies - NetJets International and NetJets Large Aircraft, I think that their pilots are beginning to realize the limitations of the fractional model. Two of these limitations are that (1.) Profits are operationally derived and (2.) The operational model is extremely expensive. Corporate aviation mans at 3 pilots per airplane while the fractionals, on average, man at 5.7 pilots per airframe. Half of all fractional flying is deadhead and therefore non-productive. Fractional aircraft accrue hours at three times the rate of business aircraft and subsequently lose value at an accelerated rate.

The other limiting component of the fractional model is that the individual fractional providers have no price control. Not costs, but realitive scarcity and demand determine value, so competition determines price. Consequently, profits are low to nonexistent. In order to keep costs low, the fractionals must demand maximum productivity from their workers. This means long days, minimum rest cylces and extended duty periods.

Not all pilots find this [lifestyle] to be desireable, so my friends at Citation Shares have advised me that 7 pilots left in September.
SkyGirl said:
In order to keep costs low, the fractionals must demand maximum productivity from their workers. This means long days, minimum rest cylces and extended duty periods. Not all pilots find this [lifestyle] to be desireable...
SkyGirl...I agree that his information is good...the qoute above is exactly my point...and probably better said.
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