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Which country's ATC is hardest to understand?

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I LOVE being on top!!
Dec 2, 2005
Recently flew IAD-NRT-SIN and back on UAL and was listening to ATC on Ch 9 and found the Russian, Philippine and Vietnamese controllers hardest to understand with the Russians by far taking the crown. NRT approach wasn't too bad but was like ORD during rush hour.

So what's been your experience in who is most difficult to understand when flying overseas?
France. I don't speak french and they don't understand Texan. :rolleyes:
I've always thought Brazil was the worst, mostly b/c the radios are so bad talking to Amazonica. Turkmenbashi + Karachi also suck.
Initially I found the Germans hard to understand when they spoke English. Mind you, I speak Germany fluently...

Scottish ATC can be an adventure on it own.
The sad part flying abroad is not that at the beginning you don't understand ATC but that eventually you will
Brazil!! By a loong shot. When on Amazonica control, offset 1 NM right and announce your position in the blind. If the only controller that speaks broken English is out on break, they will not answer your calls!! Not to mention that their transmissions sound like their coming from a FLUSHING urinal!!
The Saudis, with the Scottish a close second!
It's a toss-up between the Indians and French. Japanese a close third and many African countries (if you can get a hold of anybody) along with Brazil take lots of the following slots. Middle East could be thrown in there somewhere. China is actually pretty good. Funny, the ATIS in TPE has an Aussie accent.

Pt P

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