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Which Citation?

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New member
Dec 15, 2001
I have a chance to be trained on either the Excel or the Citation 3 but am not sure which one to choose. The pay is the same either way as an FO. I am already trained on the Citation Ultra. Any suggestions?
If you are already trained on the ultra, i cant imagine the three beung a whole lot different.....size wise and flying.

I would take the excel for the stand up cabin and improvements over the ultra. If pay is the same, go for the excel.

Thats my opinion on that...take it however you want.

Vmax, If you are referring to the Citation III (3 i.e....the original C650), I believe 1900cpt is confusing the III with the II (C550).

The C650 and the C560XL have the same stand up (5' 8") cabin. With the exception that the XL has no wing spar carry-through in the cabin and a more shallow dropped isle. The C650 (III) is also steam gauges compared to the XL's EFIS. Systems in the XL are more simple in the XL also. Since you are already flying the Ultra, the XL is a natural transition. I flew the Ultra prior to the Excel and have enjoyed the airplane. The Ultra and Excel share the same Primus 1000 software and APU is a nice touch.

My vote goes to the Excel. Pick up the latest B/CA (Jan 2002) for details.

Good luck:cool:
Keep in mind,

The Citation III will give you swept wing experience and flying at speeds above Mach .80.

Might be helpful in your future.

Good Luck,
My vote is definately the Excel. The III is a 1970's technology airplane, the Excel is a 1990's technology airplane.

The Excel doesn't cruise that fast but it will definately outclimb the III in any situation.

I've been flying the Excel for almost two years, and when it works it's a great airplane. It could be more reliable, but the III's were basket cases when they first came out too.

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