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Which Cell Phone rates are best?

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scream'n jet

New member
Dec 3, 2001
Anyone know which cell phone company has the best nationwide rates?? Any for between $30-$40??

Is there any one company that offers more digital or cell time for a wider network than any other?

Also are there any Airlines that offer a company discount rate ??

Thanks for the info.
It's not necessary to post six time...

Verizon has the largest network.

We have the unlimited long-distance, 300 minutes a month plan for $30. I took my phone to New England and called home with no sweat. I've had a couple of dropped calls with Sprint but nothing significant. We've been happy with Sprint.
Just got the Sprint nationwide plan for $30.00. 200 anytime mins. & 2800 night & wkend mins. So far its worked just fine - sure beats the AT&T plan I had. Guess I'll have to do most of my gabbing ay night!
I WAS happy with my Sprint service until recent dealings with their customer service. Their customer service is very poor but improving. I have dealt with poor coverage in certain areas and dropped calls. If you live in a large city you will probably be happy with their rates and service. I will be switching to another company soon due to my experience with them.

I'm looking at switching to ALTell, Cingular, or Voicestream. Can anyone shed any light on the service with these folks?

I just got signed up with Sprint a couple weeks ago. I got 4000 minutes (3650 off peak minutes and 350 anytime minutes) for $39.99. Seemed like a good deal. So far, I've had good coverage everywhere I've been. They told me that since I signed up at Sprint store I could change my plan up or downas I needed, as long as I kept service of some sort for a year. I liked the fact I wasn't tied to one specific plan, and can upgrade as rates drop. HTH!
AT&T is the best provider...but the distinction of being named the best comes at a price...to you! The National Rate plan is called the Digital One Rate and starts at 59.99.

With AT&T you will hardly ever have a call dropped and the call costs the same wheter you are in the farm fields of IOWA or a metro city like DC or Seattle.

As far as discounts go, AT&T or Sprint can tell you wheter your airline has any discount programs set up. Most do. Also, if you are married..so if your wife/husband's company can get you on their plan.

You pay for what you get! It all comes down to that..and what you really plan on using your phone for.

Precision, were you able to get any airline discount with AT&T? I found that UAL didn't offer it when I checked into it. Thanks.
I've been a Voicestream customer for the last two years and I'm happy with their service. I've never had a problem with customer service. Recently, my plan was changed to the "preferred unlimited plan". I get 600 weekday minutes and unlimited weekends. That's a lot of minutes. For new customers, I believe that you may only get 500 weekday minutes. Good luck.


PS All the minutes are nationwide minutes so there is no roaming charge.
Sprint is horrible. At least in the midwest, especially chicago. I have had sprint for two years and if I wasn't so **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED** cheap I would have moved on a long time ago. Not enough towers, tons of dropped calls (around 40%) and the worst customer service I have ever experienced, anywhere. This is one of those things where you get what you pay for. Go with at&t. Most airlines get a discount with sprint, but it is just on your regular monthly bill, not taxes or any over time charges. Sprint has the most minutes for the buck, but it is not worth the frustration. Good luck
I have AT&T nationl one rate, but I'm looking to switch. It does work EVERYWHERE (I even got service in Death Valley!) but it's expensive and their customer service is horrible. The company has an attitude of "if you don't like it, than we'll find 3 people who do". You call and complain about something and they give you a runaround. You talk to a manager and get (quote) "If you are unhappy with our service, it's your perogtive to find another company". Yes, I have actually been told that, many times. That's what happens when you get a mega-monopoly... they don't care about you.
I'm looking to switch to Cingular. I'm told they offer a 10% discount on monthly service and up to 90% discounts on equipment for Delta employees.
I had AT&T. Probably the best but it was too expensive for a furloughee. I switched to Sprint the day after I got furloughed so I could get the discount. 2450 night and weekend minutes. 350 peak. Including taxes, I pay $22.95 a month with the United discount. Even though Sprint (I dropped them to go to AT&T due an incredibly horrible experience with customer DISservice) has the WORST customer service, I couldn't help having a cellphone bill that is less than a night at the bar.
I have to agree, Sprint is the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. I get about 50% of my calls dropped in ATL, and the thing doesn't even work where I live. AT&T is supposed to be great, but it is expensive.