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Which airline alows jumpseating EJA

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New member
Dec 1, 2001
Any one knows what airline allows jumpseating or riding, I'm a new EJA pilot just wondering who is allowing us to ride with them? Thanks in advance and happy holidays to all.
Hey, that's really great! So EJA reciprocates right? How do we go about booking a jumpseat with you guys? Is that done through a scheduling number? As far as the other carriers that you will be able to jumpseat on, I imagine that it's the ones that you're reciprocating with only. But, all you have to do is simply go up to the counter, show your ID, it'll be verified and then you're set. Of course it's on a space available basis with any open seat in the back. How often do the EJA aircraft go out with all the seats full? What's the procedure at EJA? Same thing? Best of luck!
Maybe I just took this the wrong way, but it seems you've been flamed.

The guy asks a simple question..."does EJA get jumpseats"...and your rhetoric goes in overdrive. Why is that? Bored tonight?

Let us use this board to share quality information in a polite manner. Remember, there are no stupid questions.

As far as I've heard, EJA has no jumpseats with any airline. Only Flight Options has agreements with AirTran and Southwest. There have been rumors for some time that EJA will get them with some airline, but honestly, without the ability to reciprocate, I don't think they'll have much luck.

Having recently interviewed and in the "waiting to hear" crowd, I think it would be great if they had some jumpseats, but I'm not holding my breath yet.

Hope you're enjoying you're new job. With any luck I'll be joining you soon.


Someone has their panties in a wad!!! :mad:
It will be okay--take a deep breath and think happy thoughts :)

There ya go now isn't that better.

To the guy with the original question-I have seen EJA Guys jumpseat on both Southwest and AirTran-but that was pre- Sep 11th.

Fly Safe
To keep it simple here goes:

I am a 4 year plus EJA pilot. Does Eja have any agreements for jumpseats you ask? No! They have none. The reason is as specified by the ass whom previously posted, we have no scheduled routes. Now for the other story. Eja is a huge customer of the airlines. We have over 1400 pilots moving about the country on very short notice ($$$$$$$$$$$$$) all the time. i have had numerous 1000 to 1400 dollar ual and dal flights and many 89.00 SWA flights. Do the flight crews see this business???? You bet. Well what comes around goes around. So next time you are asking for that jumpseat maybe the CPT. says yes and maybe no. If no, say thanks and walk to the next airline. And if you ever see a fellow pilot trying to jumpseat someplace it doesnt hurt to ask where he is going. I have given several rides to guys that just happened to be going where i was off to. Believe me, a ride in the back of one of our jets is way better than any first class.

And again thanks to the captains of the following ailines for giving me a ride: American, Frontier, Southwest, America West, and National,
Hey, I cant help but say something here. N1atmax is right! That reply was totaly uncalled for. Im a new guy on the board, but have been around aviation my whole life. (several generations worth) It doesnt matter who you work for...we are all pilots, bitten by the same bug. We are at the mercy of our employers, the regs, the feds, and everyone else who has found some way to regulate our passion for what we do. Look at us, we have worked hard to get where we are. Happy or not in our current situation, we still should be able to look at a fellow pilot, shake hands, smile, and share a common vision for the light at the end of the tunnel. All you pre-madonnas out there, and folks with the chip on the ol' shoulder....dont forget, this is a small world and even smaller in the world of aviation. Give the attitude a rest and enjoy what you have and when given the opportunity...share the wealth. Only good things can come in return.
my two cents....

in the past 13 years at eja, i've carried jumpseating pilots from other airlines every time i was asked. it only happend five times, but that's only because i was only asked that many times. those were all empty legs.
Here goes the question again?????

Just wondering again, after Sep 11, has anyone jumpseated with an airline, eventhough there are no agreements with any of them?????Sorry to hurt some one's feelings if there is no agreement. I wish there was.......
So I take a look at my private messages and see that DC9 is a bit ticked off with me. So guess my post came out wrong. NO FLAME INTENDED. But I'll post what I told him. Being "new" to the airline business, I thought that maybe there actually was an EJ reciprocal agreement of some kind. I was talking to an EJ guy in passing not too long ago, and he said that jumpseating WAS a possibility with EJ. I thought that maybe it had been solidified somehow now since DC9 was talking about it. But you guys are right, maybe too much time on my hands, and I should read the post a bit better next time. Again, wasn't trying to act like an ass or demonstrate a chip on the shoulder. Apologies to my bro's and sis's if I sounded like one.
Before 9/11 I had taken a jumpseater once from ExecJet on Express I. I welcomed anyone onboard, now though we can only take those that are on our list, no exceptions. I have no idea why, especially with everyone but company, Northwest, and Mesaba allowed up front. I see no difference if your sitting in the back with a ticket or a jumpseat pass. I'd truthfulyl prefer to see some crew memebers back there, but its now out of our hands. Sorry, wish I could offer you more, but unlike the other post I'd welcome you onboard if allowed.

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