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Where to leave the airplane?

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Mar 15, 2005
I've got a trip to LeBourget in 3 weeks and the owners are going to stay through the first week in Jan. My boss and I are going to airline back to the states for christmas and back to pick up the owners. When the boss was there the first wek of Nov.(I wasn't on that trip) he said it ran about $800 a day to park the airplane. He threw out the idea of re positioning the airplane somewhere close with a less expensive rate per day to leave the airplane.

Has anyone out there done something like this and if you have where and how much to park per day?

Thanks for any help.
Maybe a smaller airport like Caen or Beauvais but I'm guessing you'll have to leave Europe to get a decent rate. Maybe check Torrejon (LETO) in Madrid or Shannon.

$800 a day is a bargain in France.

Nice, Cannes, Hyeres etc are at least $1000/day.

That, and the cost of repo might just make it worth staying...

The only cheap place I have found is Mallorca - about $200/day.

Torrejon can be a PITA.
call your handler they will have the best info i am sure,, or try universal europe their number is 441279680566
I appreciate all the help. I will look into it. The owners may end up taking the train to England, so we could end up leaving from London and that would be an easy fix to this.

Thanks again
It costs $50 a day to park a $50,000 car in Paris. If this were a $30MM airplane, overnight parking would be $30,000. $800 is a relative bargain. Stow it and go. Hard to believe with a $30 million dollar depreciating asset they would even blink an eye.
Torrejon can be a PITA.

What? You don't like being told to go around at 200' and enter right base for 33R at Barajas due to "ramp congestion"?

Can't believe we get paid to do this... ;)


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