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Where to get Ag-Pilot Training?

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New member
Aug 23, 2002
Is anybody out there an agricultural pilot? I want to know how one goes about getting trained to do that type of flying and if it can be done in Texas?

The one Ag School most go to is in Brainbridge GA. But some cropdusters in Wynne, AR opened one up. Contact the Airport at Wynne, AR. Don't get a shocked when you try to go to work after you get out and find out that most Insurance Carriersare requiring 1,000 Ag hours due to 9/11
So let me get this straight you have to have 1000 Ag Hours to get a Ag Job. Now where in he!l is someone supposed to start, flying dual Ag?
I would be careful about giving out too much info on this topic to someone with 0 posted hours. Ag flying should not be an entry level job. Stay aware.
I'm interested in this too. Can you PM me... be glad to give credentials for web verficiation.

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