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Where to get a GMX 200 installed/field approved for a Lear 31A

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Feb 26, 2002
Any info on an avionics shop that can get a field approval on a 31A in the SE with a Garmin GMX 200 installed where the radar display is fitted?

Any other reccomendations on a way to get Jeppcharts/w ownship/XM WX on a single display in this ac would be appreciated.

We're not wanting to spend more on the Universal equipment to start.

that "radar dispay" on the 31a is an EFIS tube just like the other 4. EFB with charts and WX would be the way to go in the 31a. Good luck.
We had an XLS that had a GMX-200 in the panel. I must tell you that the database for that box was EXTREMLY expensive. I would check to see what the databases are running now.
Thanks for the replies. I thought that the middle efis display was for radar only. The universal efb's are 40k a piece. What would drive this efis display to get what we want without giving hundreds of thousands to universal.

I know that the GMX 200 is about 14k plus database and installation, but we've got to get approval to install this unit and xm antenna. I've heard of an xm antenna mounted in the radome of a 604 that worked.

About the xls - do you know who did the installation?

I've got to get the following done:

Moving map with ownship/jeppcharts/xm sat wx/ and the abiltiy to toggle between each.

Does the UNS 1c have input/output to communicate with Garmin GMX 200/696/Honeywell Bendix/King AV8OR.

Any other ideas. It seems with Universal/Collins - the more you pay the less you get! I guess it's a Part 25 thing?


Chip McGrew
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I would suggest talking to a good avionics shop like Duncan. you can get a converter to convert the UNS output to run any moving map display such as an EFB with Jeppview, you can change out the UNS antenna with a dual output that has GPS back to the UNS and XM to the XM receiver. That way no new holes in the airframe, which makes the install easier. We have this setup in a Lear 45 and it works great, you can do the same in the 31a.
Slightly different plane (Lear 60), but last fall we had 2 UNS-1Ew boxes installed as well as the GMX-200. Database for the GMX costs less than the paper service. We have XM as well. Chart overlay, with weather on the map is fantastic. No complaints at all.
We had Spirit Avionics out of CMH do the install during our 12 year inspection this last fall. We got a 337 for the install. Been very happy with how it's worked for us so far.
Thanks masedog and everyone else,

Rick at Spirit is doing the head scratching and coming up with a solution to our needs!

Thanks again,

Chip McGrew
Tell Rick that Tom and Chris still want to meet at Montgomery Inn sometime. Have fun with the new equipment when you get it.

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