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Where is my license?

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Man, Myth
May 26, 2004
Alright, I passed my Instrument check back at the beginning of June and I still have not received my plastic. What gives?

My examiner did all of my processing on IACRA. I was told that there is a way to check the date that the FAA is processing. Does anyone know where I can find this? I logged into IACRA, but that wasn't any help. I also did a search on the FAA's website for what to do in the event my permanent cert does not arrive by the time my temporary cert expires and still I found nothing. Does anyone have any insight?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


- Jack
Well, I guess I might need glasses. That was the date my cert was issued. Thanks for your help.

Relax... I just got my G-V Type Rating and it took 60 days to get my permanent certificate, and by FAA Standards, that was fast...

I remember when I was a CFI, I had many students certificates that took 100-115 days to get their permanent certificates... It wasn't uncommon to be over 100 days... Obviously the FAA has figured out how to expedite things a bit, finally...
took mine about 8 weeks.....longer is the 8710 is incomplete
When I renewed my CFI, we used IACRA as well. It failed miserably. 118th day, I called and said I was going to need a new temporary as this one was about to expire. Long story short, they had NO record of any of this. They didn't even know I had renewed it. Anyway, the person was VERY helpful and got it straightened out. He also said that I wasn't the first person to have my stuff dissappear in cyberspace. I knew something was wrong b/c I did my renewal flight two days after I got back from DA-10 initial. I recieved my new license with type rating on it and two weeks later, I still didn't have a new CFI, so I decided to call.

btw~when they sent me my new license (this was all last year), instead of being issued as a Commercial, all of a sudden I was an ATP! I bet I was, if not the, then one of the lowest time ATP's of the year...maybe ever! I had a whopping 899 hrs! I still have the ATP...just can't do anything with it.
I guess if I wasn't married I could take it to bars to try and pick up chicks. <--that's a joke, I'm being sarcastic.
When I got my multi last winter, I had the same problem with IACRA.

I was getting nervous, and was just about to call my examiner when my new card showed up (but only a couple of days before the temp's. expiration).
It's extremely rare to see the permanent certificate in the mail any less than about 90-100 days from date of checkride.

Sure does make you nervous though!

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