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Where did Mesaba's CRJ's go?

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Don't try this at home
Oct 27, 2004
Bombardier 3Q Battered By U.S. Airline Woes – Dow Jones

November 30, 2005 11:38 a.m.

Bombardier announced earlier this year that it would suspend production of the CRJ200 after this year. Beaudoin said the company had eight regional jets "in stock" that were to have been delivered to Northwest but would now be converted to Challenger 850 business jets.

So with rumors floating on what's happening with Mesaba, it seems that continuing the deliveries of the CRJ is not an option. If Mesaba were to complete its CRJ aquisition, where would the jets come from? Ideas?
I think they want the 70 seat models; Isn't that what it's all about. However, I don't see much room for XJ/PNCL if NewCO forms. NWA/XJ/PNCL pilots need to band together and wake up before they realize their jobs are gone.
Just read a press release that the 15 CRJ's at PCL that were parked had their leases terminated...so does that mean they are bound for the desert? New leases ahead?

Now there are rumblings that the original nine ARJ's down in MZJ are back and they sent a new set of nine down there. Did they get released at a better rate or what...my brain hurts.
Yes, I flew 503XJ last week, it's back from Arizona. It had its lease renegotiated and a different Avro replaced it in the desert. I had only heard of 3 returning but that was a week ago so it's possible all nine have been swapped by now.
Just got an e-mail saying that the company says it's going to try to enforce the training contract against the furloughees (1st year guys anyway) if they try to leave now and possibly even if they try to leave while on furlough. The union says it's filing a grievance.

I'd love to hear J. Jinglepants try to argue that pile of manure in court.

Judge: "why should pilot --- pay this contract when your company, through no fault of the employee, terminated his services?"

JS: (while playing pocket pool and staring at the ceiling) "well we spent a lot of money teaching him to fly a plane that we will no longer operate and noone else operates. But that was very valuable training that we didn't recoup our costs on. I could have used that money to remodel my summer house."
note to everyone.......that pilot friend....ignore him, the crap that comes from that person .......well, i would rather pick up my dogs crap than read that persons postings
It's kind of novel... he reminds me of 8hourrule/training/rhoid,ect...

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There was a mx guy in dtw yesterday who told me that the initial nine were coming back from the sand, but they would need 36 engine changes done! I guess all of those leases were renegotiated and now the same tactics (strategery?) would be used on the other 26. (Scratching my head?) Hey I think we should all throw up our hands and yell Weeeeeeeee! next time!

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