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Where Can I Buy A Good Cheap Kit Bag??

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Well-known member
Jan 12, 2002
Hi all. I just need a little shopping advice. My kit bag was stolen a week before Christmas and Im having a terrible time locating a good, relatively inexpensive one. If anyone knows a website I can order one or a store in the Dallas/Ft Worth area where I can purchase one, please let me know.
Thanks in advance.
office depot or officemax. I got mine for 50$ and had it over a year no prob. Its called a "catalog case"....good luck
I've had an Office Max bag for 2 years, and its still hanging in there. It looks OK to.:cool:
Office Depot $50.00 Catalog Case ($25 on sale over 6 months ago). I fly night freight and do minor maintenece when out on my run. I have about 20 pounds of tools and spares rattling around inside. With my books and other items my "beast" weights about 25 pounds and is still holding up even after 3 different popcan punctures inside sooking the insides. You would think I'd learn after the first leak. Freight dogs need their emergency caffeine fixs so life goes on. If on sale I would buy two.


Office Depot bag! Works great, last long time. Over 2 years, including a year of beating up that thing in the 1900. Still holding up very well.
Yes, I too am a cheapass and use the Office Depot catalog bag. Been using it 3 1/2 years and its still in great shape!
Thanks for all the great info!! It looks like the Office Depot bag is the hands down winner!!! Guess i better go do the deed!
Thanks again!!!:p

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