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where are all the A&P's

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Dec 18, 2001
Jay Donahue, Editor and Chief of Air Transport will be our guest for the news.

What 2 airlines are talking merger?
What is American going to do with Chautauqua?
Who is looking at purchasing two of Australia's regional airlines?

All this plus more of the aviation News! Wednesdays discussion will be where are all the A&P's

Most are off working for car dealerships, so they can afford to feed their families.

The rest of us are flying, and consequently unable to afford to feed our families.
I just had a guy call me to do his annual. The drive up there and back plus AD check and everything else it will take three days. When I quoted $600. plus $20.00 hour for descripencies his jaw fell on the floor. No use doing it unless you can make some money and the above is cheap.

Do you mean his jaw hit the floor because he was getting such a good deal, or because he thought he was being overcharged?

Six hundred bucks sounds about right, and if he was getting twenty dollars an hour for shop time, he got a heck of a bargain.

Did you at least break even?

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