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When did this site start up again??

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May 6, 2002
I was so happy to see the site started up again! Anyway for all of you flight info oldies, dear hubby has been home from flight school for a year...and we are still hanging in there!
Hope to hear from any of you who are out there still trying to get that airline job.
Also note, she is not the same as Pilot's Wife - I wonder how many variations there are on here. I thought I was the only name like this on here except for flyboysgal. Maybe we should have our own category:) Maybe not!
Last fall, the site was in danger of going away if money wasn't found to support it.

Several hundred of us chipped in to keep it alive. The look has changed by use of the "vB" software.

Kudos to all of the pilot wives here, who take an active interest in their husband's love of flying. Thanks.
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Careful with that KY..

I kinda get excited 'bout the jepps too...

be careful you dont get the pages stuck together...lol ;)
That's nothing. K-Y was standard issue at Infinity Broadcasting back in the '80's.

Every time I get a physical, my prostate thinks I'm back in the radio business...

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