When can I start training?


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Apr 29, 2002
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15 days ago I had a succesful interview with a regional.However,they told me that I cannot join any class until
the issue of training non-citizens in flightsafety sims is resolved
by the dot...I am a us resident and I can find no information about the matter.Any info/help/suggestions would be appreciated
Thank you.


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Dec 18, 2001
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In November 2001, the FAA issued a notice under the number N 8700.11 that covers this issue.

As part of the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, all foreign nationals, regardless of their immigration status (ie. green card, student visa, etc.), must be cleared by the Attorney General to begin training in a Part 141 or Part 142 school for aircraft weighing more than 12,500 pounds. This request must be initiated by the flight school. If there is no response after 45 days, the student is allowed to begin the training.

The notice had an expiration date of March 30, but I suspect that has been extended and not much has changed. Maybe someone else can elaborate on this.

I would say that at worst, it may bump you back a class or two while approval is pending. I would call the airline that's agreed to hire you and see what they have to say.