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What's your work schedule like?

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Well-known member
Dec 1, 2001
My previous job (prior to being furlouged), had two different schedules for our pilots.

Schedule #1 : 7 days off, 7 days on

Schedule #2 : 14 days off, and 14 days on (W/ 2; 24/7 thrown in while out on the road.

I loved the #1 schedule cause when I was tired of being at home it was time to go to work and vice versa.

Does anyone out there have anything similar to this?

typical- 3-4 days per week with on average of 1 overnight thrown into that mix ever so often..- Typical day would be a morning departure ex> depart @0700 arrive in ATL "sit" till afternoon, depart ATL @ 1400 back home by 1600 and still have time for 9 holes which is a "must"....Usually never even come close to the "great" 14 hour duty day.-


There are threeof us and all are Captains. We work only Monday through Thursday Nights. That works out to four days one week two days the next week and two days the next week and back to four days the next.... 4-2-2. Every once in a while the company will pull me in on one of my off days during the week but not too often. We even get every bank holiday off. Before you think I slack too much... I fly 950 hours a year and every day I fly is a 12.5 hour duty with 7.5 flight time. It is sweet, and to think I get paid to do this. We might be the "Red Headed Step Children" but it sure is fun being a "Frieght Dog".

Before I upgraded, I was flying 8 days a month with absolutley no weekend work. It usually added up to about 22 hours of flying a month. Now I work about 10-12 days per month and still no weekend work. I also don't do holiday work. I guess the part that kinda sucks is working from 10:00pm to 5:00 am!!!
This month I am doing "stand-ups", which means that I leave my house Mon. afternoon, and return home Thursday by noon. Not too shabby- a four-day weekend every week!

The drawback to the standups is that you spend about 5 hrs in a hotel, then return to base, and splitting your sleep gets old pretty fast. IE- leave ATL at 10:00 p to DFW, then leave DFW at 6:30 a back to ATL. I don't mind doing it once in a while, but I prefer days. Also, stand-ups typically only pay guarantee (70 hrs).

For May, I am working basically four days on, three off, with 16 days off for the month, including 1 whole continuous week off. 85 hours' pay comes out to about $3200. plus about $380. per diem. Not what I was making as a Westwind skipper, but still not too shabby for first year F/O pay.
My current schedule is pretty sweet. I have monday through sunday off. I usually wake up by noon...sometimes I don't though. Sometimes I take my "paycheck" and travel anywhere United/United Express flies (for free).
5 AM , change diaper, feed bottle
11 am, bath, change, food,
2 pm, change, food
5 pm change, food
8 pm bath, change, food
11 pm, change, food

.... oh wait, you meant flying work schedule.... been off for 57 days and counting..... ;)

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