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What's your cell phone plan?

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Hugh Jorgan

Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
I figure just about everyone here uses a cell phone. I am tired of paying through the nose for Sprint PCS. I know there are better plans out there. I'm just interested to see what sort of cell service other pilots are using. Thanks.
I use Sprint PCS, I like it I get 4000 minutes total. Including 350 anytime minutes and 3650 night and weekend minutes. All of them have nation wide long distance and the roaming thingy (you know the normal Sprint Deal), I pay $39.99 a month with a one year contract.
try nextel...

It's not for everyone because their coverage can be somewhat limited in certain areas (click on their site at www.nextel.com and look for <coverage>, I've found it's pretty accurate). Their phones only work on their network (i.e., no dual-mode or tri-mode phones are available). Their National Business Plan is no roaming, no long distance anywhere in the U.S. you can get a signal. Not sure about their rate plans outside of the midwest, but I think I pay something like 199.00/mo for 2300 anytime/anywhere in US minutes. For an extra 10 bucks/mo you can get unlimited usage after seven (I think) and weekends from Friday evening to Monday @ 8:00 a.m.

Their phones also have that internet deal and I think you get basic access included in the National Business Plan (although I'm not 100% sure of that).

I forward my office and home phones to my cell when I'm out and it works pretty well (self-employed and my only employee is me-also why I have such a high minute plan). In the now almost three years I have had their service, I have been unable to get a line maybe 20 times (and that was almost always in south Florida/Miami Beach area during Februrary (peak season) - the one exception was in LAS during one of their biggest conventions of the year).

Finally, if you fly internationally (I don't), I think you can get their i2000 phone that will apparently work in many countries (especially, Europe, Mexico, parts of Asia and SA). I'm sure it's outrageously expensive per minute but the idea of forwarding to one phone number to reach you anywhere in the world is kinda cool (and not have to use an Iridium satellite phone or something bulky - and probably very expensive - like that).

Hope this helps.
I too have Sprint PCS and have been satisfied with the service.
3600 total minutes, 1400 "anytime" & free unlimited nights after 9pm and unlimited weekends from 9pm fri- 7am mon morning-
Free long distance while in my area, free voicemail, personalized billing...somewhat of an "odd" plan but since they screwed up when I signed another agreement it seems like they have taken bits and pieces of a few plans and came up with "my" plan- I think at $59.00 a month it isn't all that bad-<could be worse>
I had done quite abit of research regarding numerous other plans like Sprint BUT it appeared to me that most of the bulk of minutes were all "off peak" which was kinda a turnoff due to the fact that most of the air time I rack up is during "peak time" and not at odd hours of the evening....

The Sprint and others would be good IF you could get more "peak" time for the money although things could have changed since I signed up 4 months ago with Cell One..

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1500 anytime and 1500 night and weekend for 119.00 a month.

Only roaming charges I get are in Canada.

Been very satisfied except lately when I got this piece of crap new phone. I bought this Samsung A400 last week and the screen went blank on it. Also, dosent pick up a signal for crap. Called sprint and complained and they sent me a new one plus 100 dollar voucher if I wanted to get a diffrent one.

Other then that, been with em 4 years with no problems.
Nokia 8260- Very small, lightweight BUT can't get on the web with it-was a tad expensive but it always gets a few comments..
3.4oz/4in tall- 3.5 hours talk time- receive & send email, business cards,(predictive text input)

Can't say I have too many complaints with it..

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328dude said:
1500 anytime and 1500 night and weekend for 119.00 a I bought this Samsung A400 last week and the screen went blank on it. Also, dosent pick up a signal for crap.

Oh boy, I just bought 6 of those for family and employees. APH 400 same one?

I've used Sprint for several years with good luck.
Same one my friend. Hopefully you will have better luck then I have.
I talked to a customer care rep the other day and he said they have had alot of technical stuff go wrong with them. If something does, cal Sprint or visit a Sprint PCS store and they should fix things for you. Good luck.
I'm with Hugh, I hate Sprint. They have no concept of customer service.

I'm with Verizon now, and their customer service is awesome. They always meet my needs. I'm on the America's Choice Plan which covers all of American (except Texas, but then again its a "whole 'nother country") It never drops calls, is always digital and I get 3000 night and weekends and 300 anytime, voicemail, long distance and caller ID. Verizon is head and shoulders above sprint.

Verizon is good, Verizon is great.

Oh ya, I can also use my phone with another company if I choose, unlike sprint.

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