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Whats wrong with these people!

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Its just a vintage VW
Nov 25, 2001
I was just watching the local news and, I think some people have really lost thier minds!

They are beefing up security, puting up new fences and gates and have 24/7 security using state troopers at all municipal and general aviation airports in JAX.

I can't help to think that it is just so that the media can report this and let all the people that live in a shoe box feel that everything is going to be all right.

Am I really missing the boat here. Are there people watching this and saying, man, I am sure glad they are doing this, I feel so much better.

And now everytime these people see a Piper Cub flying over, are they going to think that its headed for thier local skyscraper.

Who prompts these kinds of actions, from where do these people crawl out of?

Did some high officail wake up this morning and decide that they better do this because there might be a wave of 15 year olds heading to the local airports to highjack a C-150.

Lets start the insanity.
It's just the modern day press stirring up trouble again. I bet there were a few hundred traffic fatalities in the U.S. the same day that kid beaned the building. Guess we better put fences around all our cars too!
I long for the days of Walter Kronkite and the 5:30 pm news!
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Support AOPA

Absolutely. Don't forget, the public by and large believes aviation to be some kind of esoteric, black art that defies reasonable belief. Yes, it still does, nearly 100 years later. Uninformed media foments and perpetrates that belief.

Unless the public and Congress is educated, an unenlightened public will pressure Congress to pass all kinds of regulations limiting general aviation as we know it. Not only will it kill our profession, it will kill many businesses, such as flight schools big and small and the Mom 'n Pop FBOs that populate the one-runway uncontrolled fields in East Arm Pit, Nebraska. Our airspace will become, unnecessarily, the highly-regulated ICAO-style airspace that's seen in Europe.

We need to support organizations that educate and advocate. The public needs to know that this Tampa kid was an unforntuate, but isolated, incident.
Well said, bobbysamd!

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