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whats up with psa ?

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Well-known member
Dec 9, 2001
anyone have any info on psa ? are they getting jets ????????????? how about hireing in the future ???????
Had an interview there last month. Apparently they are getting jets, but with USair's recent developments, who knows. The only problem is that it is the Jet-forJobs program and alot of the seats in the jets go to mainline pilots(I don't remember the percentage, but I think it is high). I asked the Chief Pilot in my interview if they plan on replacing the 328s with jets. He said yes. My question is where do the rest of the PSA pilots go when half of the seats go to mainline. That is just my casual observation, maybe a current PSA pilot can shed more light for you.

Mainline pilots get 50% of the seats in the new rjs. If we swap 30 Dorks for 30 Jets then half of the pilots at PSA are out on the street. According to several sources PSA will get more than 30 jets, but nothing is set in stone at this time. One thing to consider is that mainline pilots do not have to come to PSA if they choose not to, they can wait for Mid Atlantic to start up and go straight there. PSA's contract is no where near mainline standards, and in my opinion the pay ($50,000 first year Capt or FO) for the furloughed mainline guys is really their only incentive to come here and sit reserve. Also, no one can operate RJs as USAirways Express unless they agree to "Jets for Jobs". PSA is the only airline that has agreed to J4J, or should I say our MEC agreed to it for us. There are no guarantees that the pilots at Midway, Piedmont, Allegheny, or any other airline will agree to it for the simple fact it could very well put more people out on the street or prevent people who are on furlough from that company from coming back for a long time. Only time will tell.

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