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What's up with Comair?

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Well-known member
Jul 27, 2002
I haven't seen alot of post regarding Comair. And the number of gouges being submitted on aviationinterviews.com regarding is way down compared to ACA or ASA. Just wondering what going on at Comair?
there is stuff on comair here all the time...one recent post has 61 replies...

what is it you want to know?
i've seen that tread and keep up with it, but i haven't seen anything on a recent interviews with them like i've seen with aca or asa. i guess my question is has anyone recently gotten the invit. for an interview? and how long was the wait from the time they sent in thier resume to the time they got the call for the interview. i know there is alot of people swimming now.
i concur there isn't a lot of interview gouge out there for comair...or at the very least there hasn't been in several months. i'm looking for it myself.

i walked in a resume for a buddy of mine on or around 16 aug. called for an interview this past week for late sept...
as a matter of fact i do...went through brasilia training with him (twice!) and we were based in orlando together. he is in a class ahead of mine, talked to him in the breakroom this morning...

did you work at piedmont with him?
he was the wiser and jumped ship just before the $hit really began to hit the fan. since he left we've gone through 3 chief pilots starting on the 4th, and we're on the 3rd D.O.
I think it's time for me to jump, turn over is out the roof

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