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What's up UPSers

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May 7, 2002
I was reading in the union newsletter about the 747-400. Was UPS ever considering getting these along with or instead of the MD-11 and A-300's.

Not really sure....officially I don't think the -400 was seriously considered....however, the company is trying to get language in the contract that would allow IRO's on the -400.....so you gotta wonder. The company is very tight lipped about this sort of thing. I wouldn't be surprized to see -400's on the property on of these days.
The 777 was also mentioned at the last Captain's Leadership Course as the most economically viable option for the future long range freighter. Boeing was originally reluctant to entertain the idea of a freighter 777, but has warmed up to the idea since the've lost many orders.

Please don't misconstrue the above statement as the company's intentions...I wouldn't want to be responsible for starting a rumor!
Well not much has changed in the last six months.
Another displacement due out in June, now the 747 crews will be the victims. They will probably be displaced onto the 727 to replace the crews that were displaced 3 months ago from there.

Hey you figure it out ! I certainly can't.

100 % IPA
Interesting on the 777, as unless they find a way to really up the ZFW (at the expense of fuel) or push the MTOGW up, the 777 would be limited to about 50,000 pounds less payload than the MD-11. Possibly more. One nice thing about MD is that they all were built with a cargo-capable floor, so pulling out the seats, etc, actually makes the BOW less for the freighter. The 777 would need a new floor structure which would wash out any advantage not having the weight of seats gained, so the BOW listed on the Boeing web site would not go down -- could possibly go up.

Be interesting to see how they work around these issues.

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