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What's up at Amerijet?

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Livin' the dream Baby!
Jun 7, 2008
How is Amerijet doing these days? The 767s there yet? I have been sending resumes to them since ATA folded under me. But, no luck so far. Can someone PM me the name of the chief pilot and/or his email address? I always feel better sending to a name and not just a nameless H.R. email. Maybe with the new growth a former 757 Capt. like me can get back to work. Thanks for any help you can offer.
Good luck to you. I'm not certain of anything over there, but I wanted wish you luck. I really feel for everyone in this economic debacle.
I would not count on anything fast. Word on the street is that their POI is not real thrilled with the paperwork for the 767s. They have even gone to Detroit to bitch about it. Pilots are also looking at possible strike. Other locals are being recruited to help them with that.

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