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What's the newest on Seaport?

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Are we there yet?
Mar 4, 2002
Have not heard anything of late. How is Seaport doing with their new routes?
I hear crickets....

BTW, is there a good corporate contact person to call to ask some questions? DO maybe?

Don't bother stopping by. I did twice last month. On the 18th and the 21st. I went back because they were having a meeting of some kind on the 18th. The chicken lunch smelled good. I finally did get to talk to Cullen on my second visit. He said they got deluged with resumes for pilots and didn't want anymore. He would not take mine.
Not looking good for the coastal routes:

Portland-to-coast flights not a hot ticket
Associated Press

Commercial air service between Portland and the Oregon coast has been slow to take off with the public.
Since launching March 15, the nine-seat planes operated by SeaPort Airlines have been carrying an average of 1.7 passengers between Portland and the coastal cities of Astoria and Newport.
But the airline's going to have to carry more than a couple passengers each flight, and those customers are going to have to pay a higher fare than the $49 to $149 they are currently charged.
The startup airline is getting help from a $3.6 million state transportation grant and federal funding. But it won't become profitable without the subsidy unless it gets more passengers.

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