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What's the latest on Ameriflight hiring?

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Nov 29, 2001
Any Am Flight people on this board? How has business changed since 9/11?


P.S. I think for some reason I'm not supposed to spell out the entire name? Sorry if I've offended anyone.
As far as I know, Am-Flight is still hiring Piper Lance Captains. I have a few friends who work there that have told met his. Their website recently said they were hiring Lance Captains for Oakland, CA. I'm not sure how much or how many they are hiring, but it looks like they are.

Anyone else with some info?

Why all the stealth? Everyone knows Ameriflight operates the Lance and Chieftan out of Burbank and Oakland.
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I think he was referring to the old message board that wouldn't let you spell out "Ameriflight." If you did, it would say "CENSORED" instead of the word "Ameriflight."
Why is this on Regionals?

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